Events in Sitges

Events in Sitges

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Do not miss those events in Sitges all year round

Sitges, only 30 minutes by car from Barcelona, is a small, quiet and calm village…but not only that. Sitges is full of activities and events in Sitges throughout the year you should not to miss during your stay in one of our villas in Sitges.

January: The parade of the Magi.

Would you like to experience a different family Christmas holiday this year? Offer your children an unforgettable show: the parade of the Magi. In Spain, they are considered as Santa Claus. They arrive in Sitges on January 5th of each year to bring magic and amuse the young people. The night of January 5th is the most magical Christmas season for all Spanish children and is eagerly waiting to give the Magi the list of gifts they would like to receive at the Epiphany. A large parade takes place where the 3 Magi march on their tanks dressed in their costumes inspired by the places of origin of each of them. During the parade, the Three Wise Men throw nearly 600 kg of candy at the spectators. This is one of the events in Sitges not to be missed if you are travelling with your family!

Events in Sitges

February: Carnival of Sitges

One of the most famous events in Sitges is the Sitges Carnival. It attracts about 300,000 people each year during the holiday week in February. If you go there and spend time in one of our villas in Sitges, take this opportunity to watch the great carnival of Sitges. Nearly 2000 people participate in the parades on about fifty floats that run through the streets of the city. The parade takes place in the evening but you will also find a children’s parade in the afternoon, the same day as the large evening parades.

Events in Sitges

March: Vintage Car Rally Sitges

In March, Sitges has a nice surprise in store for vintage car lovers. The city offers a pre-1924 classic car rally that starts in Barcelona and ends in Sitges. It is a rally that has been held every year since 1959. More than 80 vehicles are on the road. You will find two categories of cars: Epoca (cars built before 1921) and Vintage (before 1928) during this rally, the jury does not evaluate the speed but the originality and age of the cars, as well as the clothing of the drivers. The rally itself takes place on Sunday morning; the event takes place throughout the weekend with parades and exhibitions.

Events in Sitges

June: Corpus Christi in Sitges

The streets of Sitges are covered with incredible carpets of flowers. It is a competition in which the inhabitants of the city participate and decorate the streets of Sitges with flowers of all colours. It is incredible to see how this type of event in Sitges can transform the city!

Events in Sitges

June: St. John’s Night in Sitges

The Spanish traditionally welcome summer by organising bonfires on the beaches on the night of 23 June, around which residents and tourists gather to celebrate and watch the magnificent fireworks show. The latter are often symbolic, being supposed to be purifiers and protectors. At midnight, you will see people throwing pieces of paper into the fire. On these papers are sentences or words. Then, the crowd runs to swim in the sea, thinking their wishes come true. The party will continue on the beach for most of the night with music and concerts. One of the events in Sitges not to be missed if you travel especially with friends.

August: Festa Mayor de Sitges

Each Spanish city or village organizes its street festival in high season. In Sitges, this summer event is called “Festa Mayor Sitges” in Catalan. It is an impressive festival where it shows Catalan culture in an incredible atmosphere. You will find fancy parades with dragons and giants, perfect for children. You will discover the human tower or “castellers” in the streets, typical of Catalonia. There will also be concerts and fireworks. In short, it is one of the events in Sitges not to be missed!

September: Santa Tecla Sitges

If you have not had the opportunity to see the Festa Major de Sitges in August, do not miss the Santa Tecla Sitges which takes place in September. Of course, this event is similar to the last one but it is smaller. You will find parades, fireworks and a good atmosphere. For those who like a little more privacy, this is one of the events in Sitges not to be missed. You will discover traditional dances during the procession that takes place on September 23rd, human towers, parades with fire-eaters, dragons and giants.

Events in Sitges

October: Sitges International Film Festival

It is one of the most famous events in Sitges of the city. If you like horror or fantasy movies, then Sitges are the perfect place for you in October. Since 1968, this international film festival, with prizes for different categories of films, has been attracting great celebrities. Cameron Diaz, Quentin Tarantino or Jodie Foster came to this festival.

October: Wine Festival in Sitges

Spain produces a wide variety of wines and many wine-growing regions organise a festival at harvest time. Sitges, located in the heart of the Penedés region, this city has all the reasons to celebrate the harvest. Festa de la Verema attracts people from all over the world to taste some of the best wines in the region. This event takes place over the weekend and also includes fun contests such as grape crushing.

Events in Sitges

As you can see, this small village, only 30 minutes by car from Barcelona, is full of events not to be missed. Rent one of our villas in Sitges with private swimming pool and garden, perfect for groups of friends or families.

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