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family holiday in Catalonia

Top 5 recommended activities during your beach vacation

calendar 12/04/24
"Enjoying and having a good time during your family holiday is a key goal that will make your stay unique, where you can relax on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia,…
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Work and enjoy from your vacation spot

calendar 05/04/24
Working from a comfortable and peaceful villa monthly rentals in costa dorada while enjoying an incredible vacation offers numerous advantages, such as: Flexible hours: Working from a villa allows you…
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offers costa dorada last minute

Enjoy at the last minute

calendar 15/03/24
Discover the advantages behind booking offers last-minute deals to the Costa Dorada. Next, I will explain how the process of making a last-minute reservation for your vacation works: Search for options: First, you need to search for available…
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short term rentals Sitges

Your long vacation

calendar 07/03/24
Sitges offers a variety of short term rentals villas where you can enjoy a unique and charming stay, right in the heart of the city! Villa Alegre: Villa Alegre is…
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Festividades en Sitges

Festivities in Sitges

calendar 23/01/24
Talk about the unique local festivities in Sitges that take place during the winter. From cultural festivals to religious events. Sitges is known for having a rich cultural and festive…
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Exclusive bars in Sitges

calendar 18/01/24
Today we will talk about the exclusive bars in Sitges. The "Calle del Pecado" is a famous nightlife area in Sitges, known for its lively atmosphere and its concentration of…
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New Year in Sitges

calendar 17/01/24
Start the New Year in Sitges: Traditions and Activities We explore the local traditions and exciting activities you can enjoy in Sitges to welcome the New Year. From fireworks on…
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Celebrating Christmas with family

calendar 30/11/23
Celebrating Christmas with family is a special time to spend time together, and Sitges offers a cozy and festive atmosphere to enjoy together. From Weekly Villas we want to offer…
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Sitges top restaurants

calendar 27/11/23
Sitges top restarants that we want to show you are: Maricel Restaurant: On the Paseo de la Ribera, at the foot of the most emblematic church of Sitges, is the…
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Si vous vous demandez quoi faire à Sitges en hiver, voici quelques conseils pratiques pour planifier un séjour hivernal à Sitges,

What to do in Sitges in winter

calendar 20/11/23
Planning Winter Trips to Sitges: Tips and Recommendations If you are thinking about what to do in Sitges in winter here are some practical tips for planning a winter trip to Sitges, from choosing the right villa, preparations and recommended…
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