Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Icon 6 June, 2017
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Discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: eat healthy and be friendly.

The green world is trendy, fashion, but also a way of life. It’s here to stay. Because of this depends the future of the planet. And the health of the individual.

More and more people are adept to vegetarian food. Some even become vegan. They make nature’s care their vocation in life. Animal ‘s protection their personal mantra.

Barcelona is one of the European cities which has more shops and ethically sustainable restaurants, which offer a local, fresh and ecological product.

Discover the best vegetarians in Barcelona to take care of you while you discover this magnificent coast city.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Green spot Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: the Green Spot Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Green Spot restaurant Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: food of Green Spot

  • Green spot: Cool, trendy, with white walls and teak wood, this vegetarian local resumes the style of Brazilian hotel lobbies. A restaurant for vegetarians and non-vegetarians that charms its diner with its international menu. Kohlrabi carpaccio, spelled hamburger, black activated charcoal pizza… Universal, vegetable and healthy delights. Super photogenic plates, dream corners, and very attentive service. Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can listen to live music, and on Fridays and Saturdays have a few drinks and mojitos.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Rasoterra Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Rasoterra restaurants Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: healthy and veggie food in Rasoterra

  • Rasoterra: This simple and lively, young and vegetarian place offers an economical and fantastic daily menu: you can choose up to three courses. Babaganoush with toasted bread, polenta with baked cauliflower and roasted red pepper sauce or fusilli with puttanesca are some of the dishes offered at noon. At night the menu is more extensive: pastas of all kinds, international variants… One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that takes care of its diner with a local, fresh and ecological product.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Teresa Carles Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Teresa Carles restaurant with vegan and heatlhy food

  • Teresa Carles: innovative, surprising, autochthonous … This vegetarian restaurant is perfect for tasting Catalan food in its most vegetable state. A hyperpersonalizable menu with gluten-free, raw and vegan dishes, shakes and healthy juices. A fashionable local with a product of proximity and many corners for instagram.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are everywhere. Arco, Amictea, Väcka, Sopa … A host of places you can visit with friends, family, children, couples … Stay in one of our mediterranean villas in Sitges to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun, and visiting a city of palm trees eating healthy treats is possible. You just have to call us, the rest you leave in our hands.


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