Tips to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges

Tips to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges

Icon 30 July, 2021
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Discover some tips to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges.

Preparing some things to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges is very necessary. People often think that searching, choosing and reserving their vacation villa is enough. However, it is important to prepare a few things before.

From Weekly Villas we offer you some recommendations to keep in mind to fully enjoy your vacation home in Sitges this summer:

  • Locate your vacation home in Sitges: studying the exact location of your villa is very important to prepare good days for your stay in Sitges. You can search for its location on Google Maps and see what kind of shops surround it: perhaps it is in an urbanization where the car is essential to go to the supermarket. Maybe it is near the sea, and you can move anywhere by bike. Knowing exactly the location of your home will help you rent the most suitable vehicle for your vacation. This way you won’t get any unpleasant surprises. Quite the opposite. You will know, in advance, where to go to go shopping at the supermarket, where to park your car when you go to the beaches, the best option to go to restaurants…

Enjoy Your Holiday Villas in Sitges

  • Discover the activities to do in Sitges and its surroundings: arriving at your holiday destination with a previous study of the interesting places to visit, the fun activities to do, the recommended restaurants to try and many other things will help you plan with greater efficiency and effectiveness your ideal vacation in Sitges and its region. On our website you will find a special section to consult important information about Sitges and its surroundings: Barcelona, ÔÇïÔÇïthe Garraf, the Penedés, Port Aventura … Every week we add news and interesting places.

Enjoy Your Holiday Villas in Sitges this Summer

  • Book our delivery services at your villas in Sitges: to fully enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges, we recommend that you try one of our private services: private Yoga and Meditation classes, personal trainings, home massages, vegetarian and vegan caterings, mediterranean paellas… Enjoying these cares in your private villa guarantees moments of pure pampering and self-care. Remember that vacations are to enjoy but also to rest. Let the love and professionalism of other people attend to your body, your desires and make you feel happy: pampering yourself is a vital necessity. Do it now.

These are our top recommendations. It is also important to be aware of the different transport options that exist from the airport to your home; the names and telephone numbers of the medical and emergency services; the precautionary measures to take during CO-Vid 19 (and their possible restrictions) … Remember that a previous study of the holidays guarantees greater success and enjoyment. Even though life is unpredictable, we can do our best to have fun and feel good.

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