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Discover villa Altavista

calendar 07/06/24
Villa Altavista, an imposing Ibizan house that lives up to its name with incomparable elegance and beauty. Located in the exclusive and tranquil urbanization of La Levantina, this summer mediterranean…
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Mediterranean paradise

calendar 24/05/24
Sitges, a charming coastal town in the province of Barcelona, Spain, boasts 17 beaches along its approximately 4.5-kilometer coastline. These beaches offer a variety of services and activities for visitors.…
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Why rent a villa for Valentine’s Day?

calendar 22/03/24
Enjoy an incredible Valentine's Day vacation in the best holiday villas located in Spain. Villa Altavista: It is a Ibiza-style house, one of the first houses built on top of…
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family holiday house in sitges

Villa Turquesa, family holiday house in Sitges

calendar 18/05/23
  With the holidays just around the corner and summer about to begin, doubts arise again about the ideal place to make the most of them. Today we want to…
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villa con piscina

Villa Loto, enjoy to the maximum in sitges holiday villas

calendar 27/04/23
  The holidays are approaching, that time of enjoyment and relaxation that we look forward to every year. But, how to enjoy them to the fullest? Well, what better way…
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How to choose the right luxury villa for rent ?

calendar 07/02/23
Why not opt for a short term rental in Sitges for your next holiday? A luxury villa for 1 month would be even better for a change of scenery and…
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villa de luxe à Sitges

Last minute holidays: find a luxury summer villa near Barcelona

calendar 14/06/22
  We are aware that finding a luxury villa near barcelona at the last minute can be difficult. Villas are often full at the last minute, i.e. in early summer…
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Les Bars de plage cool à Sitges

Cool Beach Bars in Sitges

calendar 17/07/21

Discover some cool beach bars in Sitges.

There are a number of cool beach bars in Sitges that you cannot miss if you spend a summer vacation near Barcelona. By the sea, with chill-out music, Mediterranean food and cool drinks, these beach bars will be your ally for this summer.


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Safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas

Safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas

calendar 10/07/21

Tips to live safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas.

Spending safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas is possible and highly recommended. We all know how important vacations are to us. After months of hard work, we deserve a good rest. However, life is uncertain. Our vacations can be affected by different incidents: getting sick, having an accident, spoiling a utensil … We are human beings, life is constantly changing and we must be prepared for any unforeseen or weird event.


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winter in southeast of spain

Winter in southeast of Spain

calendar 09/12/20
Winter in southeast of Spain Winter in most regions of Spain is very pleasant because the climate is not exaggerated and you can live a normal life. But especially in…
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