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Work and enjoy from your vacation spot

calendar 05/04/24
Working from a comfortable and peaceful villa monthly rentals in costa dorada while enjoying an incredible vacation offers numerous advantages, such as: Flexible hours: Working from a villa allows you…
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Festividades en Sitges

Festivities in Sitges

calendar 23/01/24
Talk about the unique local festivities in Sitges that take place during the winter. From cultural festivals to religious events. Sitges is known for having a rich cultural and festive…
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Celebrating Christmas with family

calendar 30/11/23
Celebrating Christmas with family is a special time to spend time together, and Sitges offers a cozy and festive atmosphere to enjoy together. From Weekly Villas we want to offer…
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Best paella Barcelona beach

calendar 08/11/23
Best paella Barcelona beach. These restaurants will allow you to enjoy a unique culinary experience with authentic views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is recommended to book in advance to…
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Luxury vacation rentals in Barcelona

calendar 07/11/23
Luxury vacation rentals in Barcelona. The luxury villas in Sitges offer a wide range of amenities and services to ensure a truly exceptional experience. Here is an overview of what…
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Why it is worth renting a villa during low season in Spain

calendar 24/10/23
Renting a villa in Sitges during the low season in Spain can have several significant advantages. Sitges is a beautiful coastal town in Spain, famous for its beaches, historical charm…
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Museo Sitges

Museum Sitges

calendar 23/10/23
Museum Sitges; today we will talk about Sitges and its museums. Sitges is a beautiful coastal town in the province of Barcelona, Spain, known for its rich history, art and…
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Wine festival Sitges

calendar 11/10/23
The wine festival Sitges of the grape harvest festival in Sitges and Baix Penedés is a popular annual event in the region of Catalonia, Spain. This celebration marks the start…
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sports in sitges

Sports to practice in autumn in Sitges

calendar 03/10/23
Sitges, located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in autumn, Sitges offers a wide variety of sports activities that you can practice, just 30 minutes drive from Barcelona, come and…
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Check out our celebration home rentals

calendar 25/05/23
  When celebrating a special event, many important points come into play to take into account, the organization, the details, the place, everything is crucial for the celebration to be…
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