Celebrating Christmas with family

Celebrating Christmas with family

Icon 30 November, 2023
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Celebrating Christmas with family is a special time to spend time together, and Sitges offers a cozy and festive atmosphere to enjoy together. From Weekly Villas we want to offer you some ideas of activities you can do as a family during Christmas in Sitges:

Decorate the Christmas tree: Buying a Christmas tree and decorating it together at home can be an exciting activity to kick off the festive season. You can make crafts to create personalized ornaments.

Visit the Christmas Market:
If Sitges organizes a Christmas market, it is an ideal activity for the whole family. They can explore the stalls, enjoy festive food and drink, and shop for special gifts.

Christmas Movie Night: Host a movie night at home with holiday classics like “My Poor Little Angel,” “The Polar Express” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Pop some popcorn and enjoy a family movie night.

Bake Christmas cookies: Baking Christmas cookies as a family is a lovely tradition. You can decorate them with icing and edible decorations.

Advent Calendar: Create a homemade Advent calendar with small gifts or daily activities to count down the days until Christmas.

Writing letters to Santa Claus: Children can write their letters to Santa Claus and then mail them or place them on the Christmas tree.

Stroll through the center of Sitges: Taking a stroll through the historic center of Sitges, admiring the Christmas lights and decorations, is a simple but charming activity.

Participate in community activities: Check with the town hall or local organizations to find out what community Christmas activities are taking place, such as carol choirs, charity events or collecting toys for children in need as well as having some churros with chocolate in the center of the Cap de La Vila square.

Family board games: Playing board games at home can be a great way to spend quality family time during the winter evenings.

Christmas crafts: Making creative crafts, such as making Christmas cards, centerpieces or wreaths, can be a fun and decorative activity.

Attend masses or religious services: If your family celebrates Christmas in a religious way, attending a mass or service at a local church can be a meaningful experience.

Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy time together as a family and create special memories during the holiday season. Adapting these activities to your family’s interests and traditions will make Christmas in Sitges even more memorable.

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