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Markets in Sitges

calendar 05/07/23
  Sitges, located on the beautiful coast of Catalonia, is known for its Mediterranean charm, golden sandy beaches and lively cultural life. In addition to its stunning beauty, the town…
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où passer l'hivern en espagne

A weekend in Sitges during winter, What to do?

calendar 26/01/23
  Short breaks have become very popular in the wake of Covid-19 and even more so for city residents. Sometimes, it's the residents themselves who don't know the area around…
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Markets in Sitges

The best markets in Sitges and Barcelona

calendar 20/07/22
  In this section we will mention and give you a description of the best markets that can be found in Sitges and Barcelona. But first, why should we visit…
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san juan barcelona

San Juan 2022 in Barcelona and Sitges : all about the celebration

calendar 23/06/22
  One of the most popular party in Catalonia is the night-time celebration of San Juan. On the night of 23rd to 24th June, the longest day of the year…
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Maison de vacances de luxe à louer

Premium stays: Why choosing a luxury villa in Barcelona?

calendar 19/05/22
  Barcelona is a city with many facets that appeals for its rich culture and lifestyle. This seaside city is a must for those who want to visit Spain. Discover…
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Sitges carnival

calendar 24/02/22
Sitges Carnival: The most fun and emblematic carnival The Sitges Carnival is possibly the most famous carnival in Catalonia and one of the most famous in Spain. The Sitges Carnival…
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Luxury villa in Sitges: Live for a while in the house of your dreams

calendar 13/04/22
At some time or another we have all thought about moving to another place or spending a holiday away from the narrow world of the city, full of car noise,…
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The best brunch in Barcelona

calendar 17/12/20
The best brunch in Barcelona In a big city like Barcelona, you will find a wide variety of places for lunch. Weekly Villas offers you a list of the best…
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The 5 best restaurants in Sitges

calendar 13/08/20
The best restaurants in Sitges Sitges is a very charming city. Thus, if you are staying in one of our villas, we want to provide you with some places so…
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Autumn in Catalonia

calendar 11/11/20
Autumn in Catalonia The autumn season in the Catalan area is spectacular due to the climate it has and the wonderful landscapes, with its ocher and earth colors, that this…
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