San Juan 2022 in Barcelona and Sitges : all about the celebration

San Juan 2022 in Barcelona and Sitges : all about the celebration

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One of the most popular party in Catalonia is the night-time celebration of San Juan. On the night of 23rd to 24th June, the longest day of the year is celebrated with exceptional festivities.
We explain everything you need to know about the celebration of San Juan in Barcelona or Sitges:

With its roots in Christian, pagan and Iberian traditions, San Juan is known for its bonfires. In Barcelona or Sitges, the night is lit up with fireworks and bonfires until the early hours of the morning. The 24th is a public holiday in Catalonia, a good reason to go out and enjoy the night.

On the evening of 23 June, the flame of the Canigó arrives at Plaça Sant Jaume, where it is received by the municipal authorities, while the song “Muntanyes del Canigó” (Canigó Mountains) plays.
Next, the representatives of each district collect the flame that will light the bonfires all over the city.
With the lighting of the bonfires, the festivities begin in the squares and streets of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods and, at the same time, popular dinners, firework displays and dances are held all over the city.

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Where to celebrate San Juan in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, as in Sitges, the party is celebrated on the different beaches until the end of the night. They attract many people and offer a great view of the fireworks. The fireworks are launched all over the city and the beach is one of the best ways to enjoy the fireworks display. Some people even take the opportunity to a midnight swim.

This is the first time since the pandemic that the celebration of San Juan will be celebrated without restrictions. The beaches will be open until 6am to celebrate. From 6am, the police will clear the beaches of the last revellers.

The streets of Barcelona will also be full of people: music, dancing and fireworks. Each district will be animated in a different way, with numerous bonfires organised in the different squares of the city.

The Barcelona City Council has authorised a dozen bonfires in the city: these are the different places where you can find them: “Rambla del Raval”, “Lluis Companys”, “Parc de Sant Marti”, “Plaça del Congrés” or “Concili de Trento”.

Another tradition of this celebration is to eat the Catalan speciality: the “coca de Sant Joan”, a traditional cake made with eggs, lemon and candied fruit.

Thus, San Juan is one of the most popular festivities in Catalonia, where you can get together and have a great time with your friends and family.

Enjoy San Juan 2022 with your family or friends in Barcelona. Take the opportunity to stay in one of our villas or flats in Barcelona or Sitges.


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