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Nightlife in Sitges

calendar 07/02/20
Nightlife in Sitges If you feel like having a great time and partying, in Sitges there is always something to have fun. From live music to a festival in the…
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Summer in Sitges – Golf course touching the Mediterranean

calendar 17/01/20
Summer in Sitges Sitges is one of those cities that you fall in love with just stepping on it; An idyllic destination to relax and enjoy the best beaches in…
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Featured Events Barcelona 2020

calendar 31/12/19
Events in Barcelona 2020 Although we are still about to finish and leave for the year 2019, (leaving behind an entire decade full of memories, experiences and emotions), most of…
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Culture in Sitges: Art Galleries and Museums

calendar 08/01/20
Culture in Sitges Sitges has a very varied culture and one of the best ways to explore and discover that culture is by visiting some of its best museums or…
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Christmas holidays and New Year 2019: Featured Edition in Barcelona!

calendar 13/12/19
In one of our previous posts published here, in the Weekly Villas Magazine, we talked about Christmas and New Year's Eve 2019 in Sitges, about the most featured events available…
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festival de musique

Music Festivals

calendar 04/12/19
A few kilometers from the calm and tranquility of our villas in Sitges is Barcelona. And it is that the Catalan capital contrasts with the peace of Sitges, since Barcelona…
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The Sitges Carnival

calendar 28/10/19
The Sitges carnival is one of the carnivals of Catalonia with more than 100 years of history and one of the most emblematic and recognized in the country. This celebration…
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Beach Club of Sitges and Garraf

The best beach club of Sitges

calendar 23/07/19
  Discover the best beach club of Sitges. The holidays are an ideal time to disconnect, to relax and to have fun. Nothing better than knowing the best beach club…
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La nuit à Barcelone

Things to do in Barcelona at Night

calendar 06/06/19
  Her reputation is well established, Barcelona is a festive city! Barcelona is known for its tapas bars, cafés and terraces. At night, you will also find impressive places. Barcelona's…
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Los lugares desconocidos de Barcelona

The Unknown places in Barcelona

calendar 22/05/19
Discover unknown places in Barcelona which are not in the tourist guides. There are unknown places in Barcelona that very few people know and especially tourists. These secret places in…
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