The Unknown places in Barcelona

The Unknown places in Barcelona

Icon 22 May, 2019
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Discover unknown places in Barcelona which are not in the tourist guides.

There are unknown places in Barcelona that very few people know and especially tourists. These secret places in Barcelona are worth a visit.

Museum of Illusions:

The Illusions Museum is Barcelona’s most original museum. You will find thematic rooms, 3D installations or labyrinths. You will find yourself immersed in the ball pool or walking backwards in a house. This is a museum you are going to love! Enter a world full of imagination, where you will spend a pleasant moment with friends or family.  You become protagonists of the works present in the museum. It is a place that will make young and old people dream.

The Tamarita Gardens:

The Tamarita Gardens are one of unknown places in Barcelona. As you walk through the garden gates, you enter another era in Barcelona where the bourgeoisie was building its residences surrounded by gardens in the upper part of the city. Its gardens are an ideal place to rest and be quiet away from the noise of the city. You can walk in the garden and take advantage of this moment to discover the magnificent fountains and statues of two different atmospheres: romantic and classic. There are also ping-pong tables and a playground for children to satisfy families.

Anti-aircraft shelters

Other unknown places in Barcelona: the air raid shelters. Barcelona was one of the first cities to be bombed during the civil war, and the Generalitat de Catalunya assigned Ramon Perera, a 31-year-old engineer, to design a system that would allow the population to protect themselves from air strikes. You will find them all over Barcelona  but the most famous is located in Plaça del Diamant. The detail and conservation level of this refuge is so impressive that you can see the marks left on the walls by the candles that lit up the refuge when people were sheltering there. Many of these bunkers were accessible through the tunnels in the middle of the street. However, there were also a few privileged people who had access from their homes. La Pedrera has one.

The unknown places in Barcelona

Plaza de San Felipe Neri:

A bit of history! Plaza de San Felipe Neri is a unique square in Barcelona and you will discover this secret place in Barcelona. It is located in the Gothic part of the city. You will notice holes on the front of the church. Wondering why the walls have not been restored? These brands refer to a dark era in Barcelona and in Spain. We have to go back to 1938, to the last moments of the civil war. These holes are due to a bombardment caused by the rebels during the civil war. It was on January 30, 1938 that the bombing took place, killing 42 people, most of them were children who had taken refuge in the basement of the church. The facade was rebuilt using elements from the old buildings.

the unknown places in Barcelona

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