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Vista desde un viñedo

Wine Tourism in Sitges- Wine Road Estatal

calendar 28/10/19
On the beaches of Sitges you can feel an aroma between sweet and bitter, and 2.000 years ago, leather boots full of wine from the Gran Penedès waited in the…
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Vegetarian Restaurants in Sitges

Vegetarian restaurants in Sitges

calendar 17/07/19
Discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Sitges. Do you like to eat healthy? Do you want to maintain a healthy and balance diet during your holidays in Sitges? Here you…
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eat healthy during your summer holidays in Sitges

Suggestions to eat healthy during your summer holidays in Sitges

calendar 09/05/18
Enjoying the summer holidays in Sitges become an excellent opportunity for the healthy food lovers.   Sitges tend to be known for its culture, for its landscapes, for its environment……
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Activities in the Penedès: the wine region of Sitges

Activities in the Penedès

calendar 07/08/17
  Discover the best activities in the Penedès: vineyards and mountains near the sea. Do you love nature? Are you looking for an outdoor vacation in a special environment, which…
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An organic wine cellar in the Penedes

calendar 21/09/16
Let yourself be seduced by the effluents of an inimitable organic wine. The cultivation of organic wine is a craft, physical and mental work, with high requirements and rigid harvesting…
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