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location maison particulier sitges

Farmhouse with pool for rent in Sitges, an authentic paradise!

calendar 02/02/23
  If you are looking for farmhouse with pool for rent in Sitges or surroundings, this is your place. At Weekly Villas we manage the rental of luxury villas and…
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location maison au bord de la mer mediterranee

The best farmhouses for your holidays

calendar 19/01/23
  Renting a private farm house for rent for your holidays is a different and special way to live a unique summer. If you want your next holidays to be…
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location bord de mer

Choose the best mediterranean villas near the beach

calendar 29/11/22
  If you are looking for mediterranean villas for you holidays, stay and read this post. Sitges is a charming town, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Catalonia;…
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Your Holiday Villas in Sitges

Tips to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges

calendar 30/07/21

Discover some tips to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges.

Preparing some things to enjoy your holiday villas in Sitges is very necessary. People often think that searching, choosing and reserving their vacation villa is enough. However, it is important to prepare a few things before.


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Villa Sitges Mariposa interior table

Monthly villa rental

calendar 06/05/20
Monthly villa rental If you are looking for a holiday that lasts several months in the year, Weeklyvillas offers you the opportunity to rent one of our unique villas or…
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Discover Sitges in one day, how to have a good day in Sitges

calendar 23/04/20
Sitges is a seaside town with beautiful beaches and excellent tourist facilities. It’s a unique enclave along the Mediterranean coast, protected by the Parc mountain range in Garraf. Throughout the…
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COVID-19 in Spain

calendar 20/04/20
Covid-19 in Spain Coronavirus, I think that's the word we've heard and repeated the most in the last few days, but what is it? How does this affect us? Coronavirus…
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Christmas holidays and New Year 2019: Featured Edition in Barcelona!

calendar 13/12/19
In one of our previous posts published here, in the Weekly Villas Magazine, we talked about Christmas and New Year's Eve 2019 in Sitges, about the most featured events available…
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Vista desde un viñedo

Wine Tourism in Sitges- Wine Road Estatal

calendar 28/10/19
Wine Road Estatal On the beaches of Sitges you can feel an aroma between sweet and bitter, and 2.000 years ago, leather boots full of wine from the Gran Penedés…
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Los lugares desconocidos de Barcelona

The Unknown places in Barcelona

calendar 22/05/19
Discover unknown places in Barcelona which are not in the tourist guides. There are unknown places in Barcelona that very few people know and especially tourists. These secret places in…
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