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Markets in Sitges

calendar 05/07/23
  Sitges, located on the beautiful coast of Catalonia, is known for its Mediterranean charm, golden sandy beaches and lively cultural life. In addition to its stunning beauty, the town…
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escuela de surf sitges

Find your surf school or course in Sitges

calendar 04/05/23
  Every year, with the arrival of summer, we all plan a series of activities we want to do, some people want to relax, while the more adventurous ones go…
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The best tapas restaurants in Sitges

calendar 30/08/22
  Sitges is a small town very close to Barcelona. It has a wide list of activities to do, from water sports to anything you can imagine. Today we will…
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The best stays for groups and families in Sitges

calendar 17/03/22
Very close to Barcelona, you will find two of our best villas for groups and families for rent. Discover a different kind of holiday accompanied by the sea, good weather…
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Cycling to discover Sitges

calendar 14/05/20
Cycling to discover Sitges There are a variety of activities to do while staying in our beautiful villas here in Sitges. Undoubtedly, cycling through the Catalan countryside is one of…
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Visiter Sitges

What can you see in Sitges

calendar 01/12/18
What can you see in Sitges Modernist buildings in Sitges Sitges is a town marked architecturally by the "Americans" or "Indians" who returned from their adventure in the colonies at…
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