Sitges villas for rent on Christmas

Sitges villas for rent on Christmas

Icon 16 November, 2016
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Sitges villas for rent on Christmas: enjoy winter holidays with your beloved.

Christmas is a time full of love, affection and tenderness; happiness, family and friends; gifts, surprises and toys; unconcern and gluttony A multitude of cheerful words that adorn the homes and shops, celebrate the meetings and reunions, illuminate avenues and alleys

Winter lights, spectacular sunsets, a cool and pleasant climate and Sitges villas for rent on Christmas. Because in Sitges, the Christmas is somewhat peculiar. With a softer temperature, which never descends the 5 degrees, many sunny days, the shelter of a clear celestial vault, and completely deserted beaches, Sitges Christmas is lived on the outside. It takes place on the terraces of luxury vacation villas, in the gardens of manors, the beachfront apartments

Sitges villas for rent on Christmas means to take long walks on empty and calm beaches, listening the waves, while the feet relax in the fine softness of Mediterranean sand.

Means wandering around its beautiful Seafront Promenade, enjoying its surrounding natural frame and sharing some Mediterranean delight, in one of its many restaurants.

To organize long trekking through the Natural Park of Garraf, connecting again with the calmness and wisdom of nature, visiting wine cellars on the Penedes, or attending ceremonies in sacred temples.

Sitges villas for rent on Christmas, usually transforms the guest. Breakfasts and meals can be organized in the terraces and gardens. Decorating such tables with refined cutlery and Christmas ornaments is a fun distraction, which appeals to all members of the trip. Make of family encounters, exchanges more authentic.

vacation villas and their breakfasts

It’s also the ideal time to laze on the sofas of the luxury vacation villas we have, contemplating the elegant flames of fire from the chimney. Enjoying its cosy warmth while one reads a book, see a Christmas comedy film, eat something sweet with the little ones, or, simply, relaxes and feels grateful for what surrounds him.

vacation villas and their fireplaces

Sitges villas for rent on Christmas, means, therefore, happiness, pleasure, enjoyment and joy. Mean sleepless nights playing board games; nice noons on restaurant terraces. Fresh evenings, snaking hot chocolates and crispy nougats. Productive mornings, wandering around its empty beaches. It means love, cheerful, family and friends; meals, dinners, sweet treats and liquors; lights, toys and amazing gifts.

What are you waiting for enjoy a sunny Christmas in a picturesque Mediterranean village? In one of our luxury vacation villas in Sitges, at just 30 minutes from Barcelona, and 15 minutes from Penedes area.

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