The old town of Sitges

The old town of Sitges

Icon 17 July, 2017
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Discover the wonderful old town of Sitges.

Sitges is a magical city full of charms and historical places. To know its origins, it is necessary to visit the old town. In 1972 it was declared historical, artistic set, a point that every traveler should visit.

In the old town of Sitges we can see many types of art: Iberian archaeological remains, Roman and medieval art but, above all, modernist art.

The Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla

Old town of Sitges and its church

It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city and is one of the images that most characterizes the town of Sitges. It was built in the seventeenth century and had numerous modifications, but still retains its baroque spirit.

Inside you can find art works of great value as baroque and Renaissance altarpieces.

It was built in a small “turon” right next to the beach. Here we can see a beautiful cliff, next to the wall and the canyon, where the waves of the sea are biting.

The beach of the Fragata, one of the most emblematic of the city, corresponds to the old fishing port of the town of Sitges. The surrounding houses are white with blue stripes and large windows open to the sea.

The medieval castle and the old wall

Old town of Sitges

This castle was one of the protagonists during the struggle of Christians and Muslims, a great strategic point of war. It has a tower of more than 20 meters in height and is surrounded by a wall. It was a beautiful residence, clearly aristocratic, and today the great hall, the cellar, the dungeons, the patio and the kitchen, oven and chivalry spaces are still preserved. It offers an authentic trip to medieval times.

Currently, the wall is spread over several points of the city and the castle is the current Town Hall of the Village of Sitges.

Old Modernist Market

The Old market of Sitges is the Municipal Market. It was built by the famous architect of the municipality, Gaietà Bu├»gas i Monravà. This modernist market has 31 stops, 10 shops in a gallery, a supermarket and a gastronomic classroom where different training courses are held in hospitality. It sells all kinds of fresh food products with top quality.

Bacardi House

In the old town of Sitges you can also discover the history and secrets of the Bacardi family. If you are interested and seduced by the creation of the brand, the house is a modernist building of Sitges, right next to the old market. At the Bacardi Museum you can live a great experience surrounded by the best cocktails. Do you want to learn to make them? Here they will teach you.

Most emblematic buildings of the old town of Sitges:
  • Cau Ferrat Museum:

Old town of Sitges: Cau Ferrat Museum

It was founded in 1893 by the artist Santiago Rusiñol, where he established his house-workshop. In 1933 it was converted into a public museum, preserving the spirit of its founder.

Large collections of art (painting, furniture, sculptures, archeology …) with works by Santiago Rusiñol, Picasso and many more artists can be admired inside the Cau Ferrat, considered the Temple of Modernism.

  • Maricel Palace Museum:

Old town of Sitges: Maricel Palace Museum

A perfect place to discover important works of high quality art that are organized chronologically in the interior of this museum. From Romanesque and Gothic, passing through Renaissance and Baroque, following the Neoclassical, Romanticism and Modernism. Let art invade you and teach you a new world.

It joins with one of the most emblematic buildings of Sitges, the Maricel Palace, a building with lounges, terraces and cloisters where you can see a beautiful panorama of the Mediterranean. At the moment it is the headquarters of institutional and cultural events (concerts, conferences or presentations) and, in some cases, also of business companies and organizations.

There is nothing like strolling through the picturesque streets of the old town of Sitges and relaxing in a Mediterranean villa facing the sea or surrounded by nature

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