Sitges beach: golden sand and calm sea

Sitges beach: golden sand and calm sea

Icon 25 May, 2017
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Sitges beach, a wonder to relax and enjoy, to play and swim.

The beach of Sitges is a dream place, where the calm waves whisper sweet summer melodies. The sea embraces, graceful and bright, a mantle of fine golden sand, soft and warm. The sun rays caress the tanned skin, and the rocking of the palm grove intones sacred symphonies.

At Sitges beach you can relax, have fun and dream. Start a good book, rest on the sand, refresh yourself on the shore…

Due to its crystalline water and clean beaches, many of Barcelona and its surroundings locals are close to Sitges to enjoy its magnificent golden coast.

Each Sitges beach is unique and different, special and versatile. Each one has a particular shape and welcomes a different audience. All share the same basic services: they offer showers, restrooms and beach bars. The ideal? Stay in one of our magnificent villas in Sitges near the beach such as Villa Tupinetti, Villa Terramar, La Mer Apartment or Bella Vista.

The beaches of Sitges closer to the center

San Sebastian Sitges beach San Sebastian Sitges Beach RestaurantsSitges beach San Sebastian

The San Sebastián beach is the nearest Sitges beach to the center of the village. Above it, it dominates the old town, and from there you can get lost in its picturesque alleys. Its shell shape and its calm sea make it an ideal place to go with the whole family. Its promenade with restaurants of all kinds (Italian, Japanese, Argentinian, Basque, Mediterranean) create a relaxed holiday atmosphere difficult to overcome.

Sitges Beach Fragata

The beach of the Fragata is the second beach of Sitges near the old town and the Church of the town. Spacious and gilded, it offers endless activities for entertaining and sport: from volley ball to pedal boats for sailing the Mediterranean seas. It has a yacht club where you can rent kayaks, sail or paddle surf. Its atmosphere is family friendly, youthful and fun.

Sitges beach near the center of the town

The beaches of Sitges with the best beach bars

Alberto Sitges Beach Club Sitges beach massages Sitges beach with good atmosphere

Long and busy, set and fun, the beach of l’Estanyol is the beach of Sitges with better hammocks. Run by Alberto Beach and his wife, their fluffy white beds, their Balinese loungers, DJ music, massage area and summer bar are perfect for large families, groups of friends or couples. Focaccias freshly baked, varied salads and natural juices are some of the options offered by its restaurant on the beach.

Sausalito Sitges Beach Bar

Another must you do not miss is the Sitges Beach Sausalito. Protected by small coves and stone mounds, the atmosphere is familiar and quiet, young and entertaining. With chill-out music, exquisite appetizers, hammocks everywhere and attentive and very helpful waiter service, the day on this beach is ideal.

Sausalito Sitges Beach Menu Sausalito Bar Sitges Beach Sitges Beach and Sausalito Salads

The beach of Sitges with the most crystalline water
Sitges beach for kids

Slender and very extensive, the beach of the Riera Xica has, without doubt, the most beautiful water of Sitges. Crystalline, transparent and fresh. The sea waves draw original borders on a floor of soft and tasteful sand, while the local bourgeoisie flocks to talk and play. It has a beach bar where they make the best watermelon and melon mojitos, some sunbeds and umbrellas, and pedal boats to get lost in the sea.

Sitges beach for family

In short, the beach of Sitges is an ideal destination to enjoy the sun and the heat, to relax and disconnect, to laugh and to play, to tan and to swim. Each one is different, and all offer several services and activities: kayak rides, paddle surf rentals, pedal boats or sailing boats, morning yoga and meditation sessions, surfing, beach bars, hammocks, dj music and live music. Now you know, rent one of our Sitges villas during your vacation and come to enjoy our magnificent golden coast.


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