Disse yourself as a luxury

Disse yourself as a luxury

Icon 26 April, 2024
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If you like to enjoy vibrant and colorful events, this one will enchant you! In Sitges, you can find luxury villas for rentals vacation while enjoying one of the city’s most prominent events of the year.

Here’s a guide on what to do and where the Sitges carnivals take place:

  • Carnival Parade: The Carnival parade is the main and most anticipated event. It takes place on the main streets of Sitges, such as Sin Street (Calle del Pecat) and the Paseo Marítimo Avenue. During the parade, you can enjoy extravagant floats, elaborate costumes, music, dance, and lots of fun. It’s a unique and colorful experience you can’t miss.
  • Costume Contests: During the carnivals, costume contests are organized in different categories and for all ages. You can participate or simply enjoy seeing the incredible creations of the participants. These contests usually take place at various points in the city, such as the Plaza de la Fragata or the Paseo de la Ribera.
  • Dances and Themed Parties: During the Carnival days, Sitges comes to life with dances and themed parties in the numerous bars, nightclubs, and venues in the city. You can join the fun and dance to the rhythm of the music while enjoying the festive atmosphere and the energetic ambiance.
  • Rúa de l’Extermini (Burial of the Sardine): On the last day of the carnivals, the “Rúa de l’Extermini,” also known as the Burial of the Sardine, is celebrated. This event marks the end of the festivities and consists of a humorous parade where the sardine is symbolically “buried,” accompanied by music and comedic performances.
  • Exploring the City: In addition to the specific Carnival events, take the opportunity to explore the charming city of Sitges, its picturesque streets, its beaches, and its rich culinary offerings. During the carnivals, the city comes alive with vibrant colors, creating a unique festive atmosphere that’s worth experiencing.

These are just a few activities you’ll find during Carnival in Sitges. You can have fun, relax, and change environments in one of our Sitges luxury rentals vacation villas.

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