Sitges Golf in Terramar

Sitges Golf in Terramar

Icon 31 July, 2017
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Visit the incredible Sitges Golf in Terramar: fields and fields of green grass at the edge of the sea.

Play golf in front of the sea. Can you think of a better way to enjoy this sport? At the Sitges Golf Club in Terramar you can live this unique experience whenever you wish. One of the best courses in the country, the tradition and history of the venue and the unique setting of Sitges make of this club a must for all golf lovers.

Terramar, a beautiful enclave

Sitges Golf with incredible views on the sea
If you enter in the Sitges Golf Club you will discover the idyllic universe of Terramar. This family club, which was founded in the 20’s of the last century, is much more than its impressive golf course. It offers, in fact, a multi-sport space designed so that you can spend the day in its enclosure practicing your favorite activities.

Sitges Golf Club with incredible views

All Terramar club facilities meet the highest standards of quality and, in addition, they have a warm and pleasant family atmosphere, where you will feel like at home. Immerse yourself in the Sitges Golf Club to enjoy sports with your family or friends.

The ubication

Sitges Golf Club with incredible views on the sea

Terramar is located just a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, in the emblematic town of Sitges.

Less than 30 kilometers from Barcelona, ÔÇïÔÇïSitges is a town with a thousand-year-old history where visitors can enjoy their cultural and leisure life, as well as taking advantage of its spectacular natural environment for sports.

Do you like to eat well? If gastronomy is one of your hobbies, you will not be able to resist visiting Sitges and the golf club. The genuine cuisine of the Mediterranean is here the protagonist in the majority of the restaurants of the locality, in which the fish is king par excellence.

The Golf course

Sitges Golf Club and its amenities

If the privileged location, the family atmosphere and the sports facilities are not enough reason for you to decide to visit the golf club of Sitges in Terramar, certainly the characteristics of its golf course will encourage you to do so.

18 holes with all the services at your disposal and the sea of ÔÇïÔÇïbackground framing your game. This irresistible proposal for every good golfer is the one that makes you the Sitges club. Can you resist her? Not in vain, it is considered one of the best clubs in Spain.

Get in the 1st hole, the “Palomar”, and get ready to start the journey. A long and narrow street will make it very difficult to reach the green, but when you get it you will find yourself in a long and narrow space, with lots of falls, that will force you to give your best in this hole.

And we advance the end of this field of Sitges: the 18th hole, known as “La Pineda”. Despite being the last, here you can not lower your guard. A protected space on the right by two large pines and on the left by two deep bunkers will force you to make a very precise hit to succeed, so you have guaranteed the tension until the end of the tour.

Do you dare to complete the rest of the holes? Come to Sitges Golf Club in Terramar to discover one of the most spectacular golf courses in the country. And stay in one of our beautiful holiday villas in Sitges to rest after a hard day of sports.

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