Country house, house or luxury villa: How to choose?

Country house, house or luxury villa: How to choose?

Icon 24 November, 2022
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Finding a country house in Spain that suits exactly what you are looking for is very complicated, and even more so on holidays. If you want to discover some tips on how to choose the right type of accommodation for your next holiday, read this post.

The essential thing to determine the type of accommodation we are going to choose is the type of holiday we are going to have. If we want something more mountainous, with excursions and for lovers of the rural lifestyle, then I would tell you to choose a farmhouse. Although there are also farmhouses near the beach, for those who love the sun but have a rural lifestyle. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quieter holiday, where you prioritise a good accommodation where you can relax rather than spend the day out doing activities, I would advise you to choose a house or a luxury villa. When to choose each one? It will depend a lot on your personal taste and also on your budget. A house will always be more economical than a luxury villa, either because of its aesthetics, its size or its services.
So that you can have a clearer idea of what type of accommodation to choose, we are going to explain a little about each type of home to help you with your decision.

As far as a country house in Spain is concerned, it is worth highlighting its rural atmosphere. They are usually old houses, or those set in the past. They have a large surface area, so a great advantage of renting a masia is that there is no danger of disturbing anyone around you. The large garden that surrounds a masia is enormous and allows it to be away from the other houses. In addition, the masias are very familiar houses.
Masia Mas Peirot, Masia Can Tomeu, Masia Can Capdet and Masia Can Trabal  are some of our country-style masias.

country house Spain

Outside Masía Can Trabal

In the case of the houses, it is important to point out that they are the best option for those families or groups that have a more limited budget but want to enjoy a great holiday. In a house it is also easier to find a suitable capacity for a few guests, as some are smaller than a masia or a villa. Their decoration is more everyday and is not intended to transport you to any particular style, but simply to make you feel at home.
Villa Miramar, Villa Avril, Mas Mestre, Villa Lia and Villa Les Moreres could be your dream home for your next holiday. Take a look at the complete catalogue of villas.
country house Spain

  Inside Villa Miramar

With a luxury villa everything is easier. What you are looking for when renting a luxury villa is tranquillity and exclusivity. It should have a spacious interior and a swimming pool outside where you can spend most of your time. If you are looking for a holiday to relax with the greatest possible comfort I recommend that you take a look at our luxury villas.
Villa Barcelona, Villa Casa del Mar, Villa Panoramic, Villa Bianca or Villa Colonial are some of the most exclusive and luxurious villas that we currently have in our catalogue.

country house Spain

Inside and views from Villa Panoramic

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