Everything you need to know for booking last minute villas in Spain

Everything you need to know for booking last minute villas in Spain

Icon 9 February, 2023
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Spain last minute deals are a very good opportunity to enjoy a few days of holidays and also at the best price, as they give you the possibility to find incredible offers for amazing villas.

At Weekly Villas we offer a great selection of spain last minute villa deals, where you can enjoy an excellent stay.
We recommend you to read this post if you want to find last minute villas with the best conditions.


  • The most important thing is to know how to search. There are thousands of tourist rental agencies that offer last minute accommodation and very good discounts, but you have to know how to choose. By this we mean that, when faced with a last minute villa, we recommend that you look at the base rates of that same accommodation to make sure that you are not being cheated and that the offer is real.
  • We also consider it a key factor to take a good look at the characteristics of the accommodation. Sometimes they do not determine all the services available or even eliminate some services due to the offer. When renting a villa or any last minute accommodation, only the price should change, not the services or capacity or any other feature.
  • We would recommend that before you give the OK to book, you check with the agency you are going to deal with. Make sure you check the insurance they offer, the coverage, the facilities they offer you when you arrive at the accommodation, etc. It is very important to have an agency that is transparent, offers facilities for guests and is reliable. This can be checked online, with a text message or a phone call, or even by visiting the offices.

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  • Finally, once you are sure that the last minute offer is fair and you are interested, you need to book quickly. As these are villa deals, they are in high demand, so we recommend that if you are sure of the villa you have fallen in love with, don’t delay in booking it for your holiday.

Last minute accommodation offers are a very good opportunity to enjoy an exclusive villa at an affordable price. Don’t think about it!


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