Why choose a holiday villa rental instead of a hotel?

Why choose a holiday villa rental instead of a hotel?

Icon 15 December, 2022
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If you are planning your next holiday or getaway, don’t look further for hotels. Here we are going to explain why you should consider renting a Sitges holiday rentals instead of a hotel.
Generally, holiday villas are large and spacious. This is a great advantage when you go with a big group. In hotels you can find very cramped and expensive rooms. With a Sitges holiday rentals, on the other hand, you pay for comfort and privacy.
If you decide to travel with a large group, you should consider to rent a villa in Barcelona and sorroundings because, if you book a hotel, during your getaway, you will be living separately. Hotels rarely have rooms for more than 4 people, but this does not happen in a villa. You have many rooms to distribute as you like, with both single and double rooms and even with bunk beds. In addition, if you rent a villa for your holidays you will enjoy much more the company of your friends and/or family: meals, time by the pool, …

sitges holiday rentalssitges holiday rentals

Another advantage of booking a holiday villa is the outdoor spaces. Having a garden and a large private pool just for the guests of the house, a luxury that you can boast if you are looking for a Sitges holiday rentals.

It is also worth to mention the price of each of the options you are considering. A hotel offers you many services, but at a high price. On the other hand, a villa rented by groups is much cheaper. Although the total initial price is higher, if you share it out among the whole group, it will be much more profitable than not taking a hotel.

Furthermore, another important point to note about why you should choose a holiday villa over a hotel is the privacy and security it offers. A villa is usually surrounded by fences or trees, or located in secure residential neighbourhoods. This creates a sense of security and confidence for those who want to rent a villa. Also, you feel more cozy and at home, which it provides privacy for guests.

sitges holiday rentals

Being a spacious house allows you to be much more comfortable during your stay in the villa. You can set your own timetable, you will live together only the people in your group, you will set your own rules of coliving during your stay, …

We would recommend you to rent a villa in Sitges because, in a house with your travel group you create a very nice connection, you can get to know each other much more and enjoy a huge, cozy and private space.
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