What you need to know before renting a luxury villa

What you need to know before renting a luxury villa

Icon 9 August, 2022
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When renting a luxury villa many questions arise, whether it is about the facilities of the villa, the area in which it is located, if it has a swimming pool or not, if the security is good, among other things. Don’t worry, we will answer each and every one of your doubts. WeeklyVillas will solve your stay by offering you the best luxury holiday rentals in Spain, Sitges.

Regarding the safety of the villa, we have questions about whether the property is in a safe area, or simply whether it is safe for children. We must take into account the location of the villa where we want to spend our holidays. Sometimes we don’t give importance to this, but it really is an important factor. People who travel with children will understand this. Sometimes it is better to rent a smaller villa with more security for children rather than a very large villa with very little security for children.

But if you want to rent a luxury villa, don’t worry about the location. Luxury villas are characterised by an excellent location and very good security.


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Another very important factor to take into account when choosing our luxury villa is about the facilities that the property has. We must make the decision to choose whether we want to spend our holidays in a house with or without a swimming pool, with or without a garden, with or without a garage, among other things. The size of the villa is also important, if we are a large group of people we should choose a villa that has more bedrooms, more bathrooms, even a larger living room.

The rental contract is another concern to take into account. We should choose a villa that meets our expectations, if we want to stay 4 weeks in a property, we should arrange it beforehand with the agency or whoever is in charge, because the villa may not be available for that long. You should also know that some properties include the cleaning service and others charge for it separately, as well as the electricity. Another very common fact is that most holiday rentals ask for a security deposit, in case something is damaged or something is missing in the villa. And it goes without saying that there are also houses that do not allow pets.

We understand that finding a luxury holiday rentals in Spain can sometimes be a bit stressful. But don’t worry, WeeklyVillas makes the whole process easier for you, taking care of everything from the beginning to the end of your stay. We have a wide range of properties so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and comforts.


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