Enjoy your best holidays in Sitges

Enjoy your best holidays in Sitges

Icon 16 May, 2018
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Discover Sitges on its 360º degrees to enjoy your best holidays.

Sitges is one of the cities of the Catalan geography in which, without any doubt, you will have the possibility to enjoy your best holidays. In this locality of the Garraf region there are places that you cannot miss.


Once you have decided to enjoy your holidays in this incredible city, you will notice that you have a wide range of experiences to live: culture, sport, leisure and gastronomy. Sitges has always wanted to follow with its native line and that’s the reason why it’s always trying to maintain its traditions. So if you want to enjoy your best holidays living as a real native citizen, you will have to explore and discover the city on its 360 degrees.


At the beginning of the year, in February, the famous Carnaval of Sitges always covers the streets of the city with its particular happiness and fun. This massive festival, that is one week long, attracts every year millions of tourists that want to enjoy their best holidays in Sitges. Apart from the famous Carnaval of Sitges, during the year it’s also possible to enjoy the contest of the best “tapa” of the year, the annual city celebration, the Santa Tecla and Corpus Christi fests or the International Festival of the Cinema of Catalunya. Besides, for the museum lovers, Sitges also have a wide variety of them: Cau Ferrat, Can Llopis, Maricel, etc.


museums (Cau Ferrat): best holidays.


There are also a lot of activities, as for example, surf, paddle surf, kayak and the typical walking or cycling tours in the Garraf zone, which has a perfect location and such pleasure weather during the whole year. Even if you like the sea or the mountain, in Sitges you will have the possibility to enjoy your best holidays.


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In the dressmaking world, the Patchwork is an art that has generated one of the most symbolic events of Sitges. In this textile festival, you can admire and discover what can be done only with some fabrics, a thread and a needle.


To end with your amazing holidays, what better than to eat a delicious “paella”, to do a tour through the Penedés vineyards and, after that, to have a tasty cocktail under the light detached by the sun.


wine: best holidays.


Regardless of your preferences or of your age, Sitges provide you all the ingredients necessary to enjoy the best personalized holidays in the city.


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