The Penedés and the culture of the wine

The Penedés and the culture of the wine

Icon 7 September, 2016
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Discover the Penedés, traditional territory of Mediterranean wine culture.

The Penedés is a privileged territory of wine cultivation. Nicknamed also “DO Penedés”, its land is wide and open, long and extensive, a strip of vineyards surrounded by the sea and the mountain. A natural area halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona, just 15 minutes from Sitges.

The permanent sun that caresses its fertile land all year round, and the mild Mediterranean climate that protects the territory promotes the germination of the Penedés vineyards. The contrast between the limpid Catalan blue sky, the lustrous green of the vine leaves and the intense purple of the ripening fruit recreate a landscaped frame that enraptures and overwhelms its viewer.

This locality divides its land into three zones:

  • The Upper Penedés, near the pre-coastal mountain range.
  • The maritime Penedés, which extends along the sea and the coastal mountain range.
  • The central Penedés, epicenter that connects the two previous areas.

Its climatic variety, its landscape differences and the pluriteness and richness of its soils explain the diversity and uniqueness of its wines. A thousand aromas to smell, hundreds of flavors to taste, many bodies and structures to differentiate … The Penedés is more than an extension of vineyards, embodies the power and perfection of the wine world in all its complexity. It shelters, in its gentle land, to authentic masters in the art of the grape cultivation. To men and women living in harmony and harmony with the demands of a demanding vineyard. They pay their full attention to the care of the vineyards, and understand their work as a vital commitment.

The way of living and understanding the world, culture and history, values and principles of the Penedés community are a crystalline reflection of the small pleasures of life, and an example of a more intense and earthly existence, more present and natural.

With true devotion and supreme estimation, these artisans of the earth combine ancient knowledge of traditional methods with the use of new technologies and the latest resources.

If you are a lover of good wine, you are curious about this universe of fruit aromas and ancestral practices, you want to taste this elixir in one of its many wineries, or stroll through picturesque villages and colorful fields, go to El Penedés is an activity that you have to include On your vacation.

From WeeklyVillas we encourage you to complete your wonderful stay in one of our magnificent houses by the sea with a little wine culture and country atmosphere. Take advantage of the month of September to find more competitive prices and adjusted rates.

If you want more information, we recommend a list of wineries that offer delicious wine tastings, and restaurants in the area where you can taste the local delicacies. Just ask us and we will send it to you by mail.


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