Christmas in Port Aventura

Christmas in Port Aventura

Icon 22 November, 2016
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Christmas in Port Aventura: a winter adventure difficult to equalise.

Port Aventura at Christmas is embellished with the most brilliant lights and most stunning decors. Its streets are festooned with Christmas trees, and its inhabitants celebrate with enthusiasm this beautiful festivity. The most glittering ornaments decorate the different corners of its spaces. The cool breeze of winter refreshes the cheerful ambient of its palaces.

port aventura in christmas

PortAventura at Christmas celebrates an orderly advent of shows and winter dances, of comedies and Christmas stories.

port aventura and its christmas lights

All its characters meet together and celebrate this time of the year with Santa Claus. They parade side by side on magnificent carriages full of magic, along the dazzling avenue of this Mediterranean land. To the most tender songs, and most innocent Christmas carols.

Every January 5th, the theme park hosts the Three Kings, guided by the diligent Star of Bethlehem. They receive the Christmas letters of the little ones. They give candy to the best, and charcoal to the most naughty.

In China, the Great Sacred Temple becomes an authentic Asian Christmas village. Its visitors witness the most spectacular acrobatics and most singular dances. Its Imperial Square hosts the Big Bubble of Desire, an enormous transparent hemisphere, where the little ones enter and have fun playing in a snow of confetti.

christmas at port aventura with woody

Far from Imperial country, the Christmas colors and exoticism cover the Mexico of Port Aventura. In a hidden corner in the forest of the tropical country is, covered, the secret shortcut that leads to the magic House of Santa Claus. A fantastic path, inhabited by fairies in an Ice Palace, gnomes working in their gift factory and magicians performing dogmatic tricks. At the end of the tour, courageous adventurers have the immense and well-deserved honor of meeting the most beloved and praised character of this time of the year: the kind-hearted and smiling Santa Claus.

port aventura in christmas and its smiling and kind santa claus

Meanwhile, in the arid lands of Far West, the most professional acrobats surprise their walkers with dances and pirouettes on an icerink. This artistic exhibition enamored the adults and children. It dazzles with its twists and turns, dresses and costumes, dances and choreographies, stories and intrigues.

port aventura in christmas and its beautiful dances

In the tender universe of Sésamo Aventura, parents can enjoy a family day, discovering incredible scenes, participating in the areas of interaction, surprising themselves with ice sculptors… Port Aventura celebrates, uninterruptedly, workshops and shows for the youngest children. It entertains with surprises and dances, amuses with representations and simulations.

port aventura and its christmas choreographies

Without any doubt, traveling with family in Christmas and renting one of our holiday villas in Sitges, at the edge of the sea, and a few minutes from the beach, is a nice option for vacations. With a pleasant temperature, a clear sky and less than 40 minutes from this funny theme park, the guest and its family can enjoy their best winter holidays. Their tenderest Christmas.

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