Spend a day at Port Aventura aquatic park this Christmas

Spend a day at Port Aventura aquatic park this Christmas

Icon 7 December, 2022
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Christmas is just around the corner and for those who can’t wait to celebrate it, today we bring you a great plan that you won’t be able to say no to: Discover Port Aventura aquatic park at Christmas.

For those of you who don’t know it, Port Aventura is a huge amusement park, where there are several theme parks: Port Aventura Park, for those who enjoy all kinds of attractions, Ferrari Land for speed lovers and then we find Caribe Aquatic Park, perfect for the summer and to soak in family.
In this post we are going to tell you all the activities you can do and the shows you can enjoy in Port Aventura in December. From November 19 to January 8 Port Aventura dresses up in the best time of the year to live a different Christmas full of magic.

Port Aventura offers many types of shows, most of them are musicals, designed to entertain the whole family. This Christmas you can find musicals such as The Adventures of Tadeo Jones, The Great Christmas Party or Shrek.

Talking first about the Shrek musical, you can see it from Monday to Sunday (except Friday) at 13h-14h and 15h, and for that you will have to go to Mexico, inside Port Aventura Park. The musicals of Tadeo Jones and the Great Christmas Party are also held in Mexico, specifically in the canteen and offer wonderful shows. The Adventures of Tadeo Jones is held from Monday to Sunday (except Friday) from 4 pm to 5 pm and you will accompany the main characters during all their adventures. On the other hand, the musical of the Great Christmas Party is held on the same days but at different times: 13h-14-15h. In this way, you can combine both shows or combine them with many others.

Here you can find all the musicals offered by Port Aventura at Christmas.


Port Aventura also bets on didactic shows and to be able to bring awareness to the little ones and this is an example of the Birds of Paradise show and the Let’s Take Care of the Planet show.

In addition to shows, this incredible park also offers many activities to celebrate Christmas, such as, for example, the arrival of the Royal Emissaries or to meet Chilly Willy, the most adorable penguin in the park.

The arrival of the royal emissaries takes place at the lake at the entrance of the park from Monday to Sunday at 6:15 pm, and they do it in an unimaginable way. They arrive with a pyrotechnic show in the water in search of all the letters for the Three Wise Men.

To meet Chilly Willy, you have to go to China, specifically to the Imperial Square, where the most cheerful penguin of the park invites you to his ice house, from Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday) from 12h to 17h to spend some time together.

Visiting Port Aventura at Christmas is a very good option to live a different Christmas with your family.

If you are thinking of staying near Port Aventura, I invite you to visit our villas and, do not hesitate!


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