Villas for temporary rental with Weekly Villas

Villas for temporary rental with Weekly Villas

Icon 22 February, 2023
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Have you ever thought of a short term rentals in Spain for your next holidays?

At Weekly Villas, we offer you the opportunity to rent some of our villas for more than 11 months in Sitges, guaranteeing you exceptional comfort and high quality services.

Renting a villa can be complicated with paperwork, contracts, payment deadlines, etc., especially for an 11 months period.

At Weekly Villas, we make the whole administrative process of renting a villa easy for you, so that you don’t get stressed out or bored before you even leave, thanks to our check-in/reservation managers. We have very efficient check-in and check-out services that will ensure that you will arrive in a villa ready for your stay.

Cleaning is the most important part of our service with a cleaning service just before check-in.

Our villas are located in the centre of Sitges but also in the heights of Sitges for more greenery and tranquility, will satisfy you throughout your stay.

Indeed, we offer villas with large spaces in the different rooms of the house, so as not to feel cramped, we also offer villas with several bathrooms to keep some privacy if you go on holiday with friends for example.

We can introduce you to one of our villas that you can rent by the month: Villa Alegre

Villa Alegre is located in Sitges. It has 5 bedrooms for a maximum capacity of 10 people. It also has 3 bathrooms. There is a large garden with a private swimming pool and sun loungers.

For maximum comfort, you can have breakfast or dinner prepared by a chef and you can have your house cleaned every 2 or 3 days.

Weekly Villas is committed to providing you with quality villas and services that will make your stay unforgettable.

So take the plunge and come and treat yourself to a short term rentals in Spain for your next holidays!


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