The weather in Sitges in March


21,4ºC. Nice weather, frequent sunshine and little rainfall.

The weather in Sitges in March: Spring is approaching. The air is clean, the sea calm, the grass bright and the sand warm. The weather in Sitges in March is clement, pleasant. It delights with really warm days. No more scarves, hats and gloves. The first lighter sweaters appears, and the most intrepid swims in the sea.

The weather in Sitges in March offers an almost complete outdoor life: warm mornings, hot noons, cool afternoons, and clear nights. The night sky vault impresses its guest, who, absorbed, observes the distant and infinite dancing stars.


International Sitges Festival of Patchwork: Discover original ideas, innovative approaches and singular works during the Sitges Festival week of Patchwork. 

Visitors can see international exhibitions, participate in specialized courses of stamping, attend children’s workshops and wander more than 100 tissue stands.

Explore different positions, touch and contemplate different textures, eclectic finishes, colorful fabrics, and smell animal aromas. Wander with hearts full with gratitud for the varied artisan offer of a product elaborated with full of love, affection and attention.

The Sitges Festival Patchwork is the event to go if you are a textile lover, an emerging designer or retail buyer, or if you just feel devotion to manual work well done.

sitges festival

Easter in Sitges: Welcomes spring with warmth, sunshine and a pleasent weather in this coastal town of calm sea and blooming flowers. 

Visit “Palacio Maricel” with a guided English, Spanish or Catalan tour, attend Easter family workshops, celebrate Palm Sunday with the exhibition of young people of “Castells de Sitges”… Practice water sports in this season of early spring as sailing, surf, paddle surf or kayak; organize cycling outings by the mountains of Garraf; savour a good paella in the sun at Port de Aiguadolç…

In Sitges, Easter is synonymous with sun, freshness, outdoor life, beach walks, family meals, mountain hikes, sweet afertnoon snacks, sparkling aperitifs and vacations at sea.