Enotourism in Sitges

Enotourism in Sitges

Icon 1 December, 2018
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Enotourism in Sitges

We have chosen five wineries in Penedés that are “fincas” with a special charm, wineries with exceptional wines or owners with a lot of passion for what they do. And we are waiting for you.

The Penedes region, located between Barcelona and Tarragona, has several vineyards a few kilometers from the sea and charming towns like Sitges to touch from the wineries. Wine tourism in the Penedes receives more and more visitors, and this is one of the most popular wine regions in Spain with the Ruta Del Vino and Brandy de Jerez. This is confirmed by the latest study by ACEVIN, which confirms an annual growth of wine tourism in Spain of 18% between 2016 and 2017.

Penedes has a mild and warm Mediterranean climate thanks to the proximity to the sea, which regulates the temperatures of the soils throughout the year. Within the region there is great diversity of microclimates and variety of altitudes among its vineyards, some of which can reach 800 meters above sea level.

The standard of the region is the Xarel┬Àlo variety, early sprouting and a delicate aromatic profile based on white flowers and Mediterranean aromatic herbs. If you want to fully enjoy this variety, look for wines that have been worked with lees or with some maturation in barrels. The secondary aromas of the lees and the barrels complete their expression.

Returning to wine tourism, it is always a good time to visit Penedés. Although it is the spring and the time of the harvest we will be more pleasant.

We recommend five Penedés wineries that we love to enjoy wine tourism:


It produces wines and sparkling wines of great prestige. The best thing about this winery is to walk through its vineyards and forests – glass in hand – and discover its biodynamic philosophy. If you are a group, a yoga session between vineyards with views of the mountain of Montserrat can be unforgettable.

Finca Viladellops

Recently renovated, the peculiarity of this property is that it is an old town now converted into a beautiful wine tourism project. This is one of the wineries closest to the town of Sitges. It is a fantastic combination to visit it and taste its wines, and end the day in Sitges eating a good fisherman’s rice and walking in front of the sea.


Parés Baltà

It is one of the wineries that is part of the Carretera del Vi. A fantastic project with historical and cultural value with which you can visit Penedés by electric vehicle. The route links the vineyards of the Penedés with the beach following the old roads of the region, from Sant Martí Sarroca to Sitges, where wine was transported and then shipped to the destination markets.


Can Bonastre Wine Resort

Located in the north of Penedés, with exceptional views of Montserrat. In this cellar the organic cellars of AT Roca are also made, so that with a visit you can enjoy two tastings. And the best of the property: excellent cuisine and a spa with stunning views of Montserrat. This winery has a very romantic hotel, as well as a restaurant and a spa.


A classic in the Penedés region, which produces some of the best sparkling wines in this region, currently within the new Corpinnat label. A historical estate that has written references of the XIV century. Its strong family tradition and excellently maintained vineyards make the experience very special. A tasting among vineyards or a glass of Ex Vite in the cellar of the family farm are unique moments not to forget.

Although visiting these wineries is fantastic and you will enjoy an excellent wine tourism experience, do not forget: you will find the best one, staying for several days in the region and discovering restaurants and activities that you can do among the vineyards. Because visiting wineries is perhaps not for everyone, but enjoying the outdoors with good wines and good gastronomy is. Practice the enotourism in Sitges.

enotourism in Sitges

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