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Safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas

Safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas

calendar 10/07/21

Tips to live safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas.

Spending safe and healthy holidays in our Sitges Villas is possible and highly recommended. We all know how important vacations are to us. After months of hard work, we deserve a good rest. However, life is uncertain. Our vacations can be affected by different incidents: getting sick, having an accident, spoiling a utensil … We are human beings, life is constantly changing and we must be prepared for any unforeseen or weird event.


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Transport in Sitges/ How to get around the city

calendar 24/07/20
Transport in Sitges If you are staying in one of our villas, you may be interested in how to get around the city of Sitges and its closest surroundings. Sitges…
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San Sebastian beach in Sitges

calendar 03/04/20
San Sebastian beach in Sitges San Sebastian Beach is a beautiful and quiet beach located very close to the center of Sitges, right next to the Church of Sitges, also…
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Holy Week 2020 in Sitges

calendar 09/01/20
  Holy Week is a special time of the year in Sitges, not only because of the festivities but because it serves as an ante-room for the summer... It already…
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Christmas in Port Aventura

calendar 17/12/19
Christmas in Port Aventura From November 23 to January 6, PortAventura World is decorated to receive Christmas. During these days, you can spend an unforgettable experience full of magic in…
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festival de musique

Music Festivals

calendar 04/12/19
A few kilometers from the calm and tranquility of our villas in Sitges is Barcelona. And it is that the Catalan capital contrasts with the peace of Sitges, since Barcelona…
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Christmas and New Year 2019: Featured in Sitges.

calendar 28/11/19
We are already entering December, and it is known by everyone that this month brings to us a great holidayÔǪ. Christmas! Colored lights that are reflected on the Mediterranean coast,…
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Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas Fairs and Markets

calendar 21/11/19
Christmas fairs and markets Barcelona and its surroundings, such as Sitges, are cities to enjoy beyond the summer season, since we are lucky to be on the coastal coast and…
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