The best beaches to go with your dogs in Sitges

The best beaches to go with your dogs in Sitges

Icon 20 April, 2023
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Summer is coming and with it our desire for the beach. If you have a dog and this summer you want to enjoy many beaches with your dog, in this post we tell you about the best beach for dogs that you can find in Sitges.

Dogs having a good time at the beach are also something important for their owners, and during the winter there is no problem for dogs to go to urban beaches, but in summer, during the bathing season, there is an article that prohibits it.

Below, we are going to talk about the most recommended and/or well-known dog-friendly beaches in Sitges. Dogs are allowed on these beaches all year round, as long as they are accompanied by their owners.


First of all, we are going to talk about the Cerellot beach, better known as Playa de les Anquines. It is a very small and very safe beach, so you can let your dog play and run as much as they want, as they are not exposed beyond the beach. This beach is the most recommended if you want something close to Sitges as it is only 5 minutes away from the town centre.

Continuing with more dog-friendly beaches, we will talk about the beach of Santa Margarida. On this beach there are no lifeguards or services such as beach bars, so you have to bring everything yourselves. It is quite a big beach so your dog will have much more space to run and play with you. This beach is also nudist, so clothing is optional. This beach is only 8 minutes away from the centre of Sitges by car, so it is ideal if you are staying in this coastal town during the summer.

To finish with the best beach of Sitges where to take your dogs in Sitges or surroundings, we present you the Vallcarca beach, located on the road of Les Costes. This beach has fine sand and a car park right on the beach, where you can comfortably leave your car and take your dog to the beach. Besides being ideal for dogs, this small beach is also perfect for fishing lovers and nature lovers, as it is very close to the Parc Natural del Garraf. And, it is located 15 minutes from the centre of Sitges.

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If you are interested in visiting these beaches of Sitges and the entire coastal town you can visit it in your next holidays, and with it, rent one of our villas to make your stay unforgettable.


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