Everything you need to know about vacation rental management in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about vacation rental management in Barcelona

Icon 31 May, 2022
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There are companies that are dedicated to the management of rental property. But what is a tourist rental? Who can rent out their house? How does the management work?

Tourist or vacation rentals are homes that can be rented for up to 31 days.

The law governing tourist rentals in Spain depends on the autonomous state in which the house is located. In the case of Barcelona, the rule that governs them is Decree 75/2020. This law does not provide for the rental of rooms in the property, so it introduces a cohabitation regime. This new tourist accommodation option shows that the rental property will be two at a time. It is registered as the main residence of the property owner and is rented to a third party.

With the rise of on-line platforms for the management of vacation or tourist rentals, more than a decade ago, owners began to rent their properties to tourists. And what yesterday was to get extra money with tourism, today has become a professionalized sector that every day increases its demand and that in Spain generates an annual impact of 4,560 million Euros.

rental property management companies

Faced with the flood of users, many owners have decided to delegate the management of their accommodations to companies specializing in the management of vacation rentals in exchange for a commission of between 5 and 15%, depending on the tasks agreed upon (from customer acquisition, booking management, to the reception and accommodation of guests). In addition, property managers are in charge of achieving the best profit margins for the owners.

Like anything, it has its advantages and disadvantages, as an advantage, the tourist rental is a very good option to reactivate less visited areas of the Spanish territory and involves an increase in profits in restaurants, bars or cultural and leisure establishments. And one of the great concerns that arise due to the tourist rental is the problems of neighborhood coexistence that may arise. In addition, this activity has built an increase in the selling price of real estate and rental fees, since many owners buy housing to invest in tourist rental.

We explain some requirements for renting your home
According to Decree 75/2020, tourist rentals must meet certain conditions to be able to rent. Therefore, if you want to know how to legally rent an apartment for a short period of time, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must comply with the hygiene requirements set by the law that regulates this type of accommodation so that you can rent it in Barcelona safely.
  • The property must have a certificate of habitability.
  • It cannot be inhabited by more people than those indicated in the certificate of occupancy.
  • This type of housing must be properly maintained and equipped with the necessary appliances.
  • The permanence of a tenant in the dwelling may not exceed 31 days.

You now know everything about the management of rental property in Spain by companies. Go to the website of our agency to enjoy our villas or to rent yours.

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