Low Season Rental in Sitges

Low Season Rental in Sitges

Icon 21 October, 2020
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The low season begins and from Weekly Villas we want to announce that from October the minimum stay in some of our villas is 2 nights.

The weather in Sitges in October is somewhat dry, but very pleasant. The usual temperature of the station is 23 ° C. The minimum is 19 ° C. So, the average temperature for this month of October in Sitges is 21 ° C.

This climate makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the activities in the city, but with fewer people and more space for you and yours. You can continue taking the opportunity to go to some of the best beaches there are, as well as opt for family activities in the city or the surroundings. By drastically reducing tourism in October, you will be able to enjoy the charms of Sitges in a quiet way and from a more local point of view.

In Sitges in October, days last an average of 11:08. The sun rises at 07:04 and sets at 18:12. It is the last month to take advantage of the maximum number of sunshine per day, since this years’ time change occurs at dawn on Sunday, October 25, when the clocks will have to be turned back one hour to enter winter time.

In addition, this month has one of the most emblematic events that take place in the city of Sitges, the International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalonia. This year the festival is held from October 8 to 18. A festival that is held annually in October and is characterized as the first festival in the world dedicated to this film genre. Since 1968 the festival has been constantly visited by renowned national and international performers, directors and producers.