Discover Sitges by night.

Discover Sitges by night.

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Discover the nightlife of Sitges.

Spain is synonymous of good atmosphere, cheerful life and lively nights. It is very easy to find restaurants, bars, pubs or nightclubs in Sitges. Only 30 minutes from Barcelona, you will spend unforgettable nights.

An exceptional climate

Sitges, next to the Mediterranean Sea, has a warm climate. Thanks to its microclimate, enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean weather of Sitges by day and by night all year round. Many terraces are offered by most restaurants and seaside bars. Take this opportunity to have a drink in the open air under the starry sky.



Sitges a festive city

The city of Sitges often hosts major national and international events by day and by night, such as the Sitges Carnival or the Catalan International Fantasy Film Festival. Sitges is also a very popular tourist destination. There are many shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that you can explore.

Many nightclubs

The city of Sitges turns into a completely different place at night. Many tourists go to the nightclubs in the small port town to have fun. You will find nightclubs for all styles and tastes. You will find from commercial music to specific themes such as the 90s or even salsa parties….



In addition to discotheques, the streets of Sitges are full of bars. You will easily find a bar where you can have a drink with friends. You can enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere and taste a variety of cocktails. In the background you can listen to Latin hits, reggaeton and other commercial music… Most bars also offer shows to brighten up your evening. For those who prefer to have more peace and tranquility, there are also bars where you can have a drink while chatting with friends and/or playing darts, billiards… Some bars even have a view over the sea!


Walks by the sea

The Paseo Maritimo is always lively by day and by night. The Paseo is ideal for a good night walk by the sea. Take advantage of Sitges’ microclimate to walk by the sea with friends or family and enjoy the small sea breeze!


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