Christmas and New Year 2019: Featured in Sitges.

Christmas and New Year 2019: Featured in Sitges.

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We are already entering December, and it is known by everyone that this month brings to us a great holiday…. Christmas!

Colored lights that are reflected on the Mediterranean coast, trees adorned by all corners, streets full of life and happiness… All these are the main characteristics that define Sitges during Christmas dates.

Next, let’s take a look at the highlights that Sitges will bring to us with the arrival of Christmas 2019:

Theaters, music concerts and magic shows: Christmas, the children’s favorite holiday.

Christmas is a very important time of the year for the little ones in the house. This beloved holiday bring to them an irreplaceable feeling, and you have to make sure that they live it in the most incredible and unforgettable way, so they can keep it as a precious memory forever.

Sitges keep that in mind, and for Christmas, the city is full of Christmas activities for the little (and not that little) ones in the house. For example the most important are the following ones:

– The Christmas Cribs: They are a unique and exclusive part of Christmas, and this year in Sitges, we will be able to enjoy a large multitude of amazing Cribs. The most important and unmissable ones will be the “Inauguration of the Christmas” in the Miramar Building, which will contain an original manger with municipal figures by the artist Muns, and “the general tour of the most important Christmas Nativity scenes”. Both acts on December 13.

Christmas Music: Like every year, Sitges is filled with a multitude Christmas concerts with religious character, highlighting above all the “Great Sitges Christmas Concert 2019”, on Saturday December 14, at 12:00 noon, at the Parish of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Plaça de Bulard, a unforgettable concert exclusive for those dates.

– The “Tió”. The christmas pet: This is the most iconic character of Christmas exclusively in Catalonia. For those who do not know the tradition, every December all the houses around the country are filled with a trunk that “comes to life”, and leaves gifts to the children during the early morning while they are sleeping.

The most important events in Sitges with this protagonist, are the so-called “My first Tió”, where the mayor delivers these characters to the newborn babies, and the “Come to celebrate the Tió with us”, where several activities with wood are celebrated for the children. Both events are held on December 21.

Say goodbye to the last day of the year in Sitges: End and New year 2019.

Can you describe a picture / landscape better than a night next to the Mediterranean Sea, with this illuminated with multiple colors due to the firworks launched in the sky that reflects it?

Only in Sitges you can live a unique year-end experience next to the sea.

If there is a day of the year to forget about everything, and just think about your happiness, enjoyment and the same for your beloved ones, this must be the last day of the year.

Also for the lovers of parties and dancing, this year during the last night, several concerts will be held at El Retiro de Sitges, with some community Djs such as Dj Miko and Dj Lagarto, among others.

The “Magic Kings” leave their magic to us with his cavalcade to say goodbye to Christmas.

This is one of the most popular and anticipated festivities in the whole country (if not the most important), and every 5th of January, the “Magic Kings” Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, make an unforgettable cavalcade, and all the children in the city can bring their letters to them with their most special wishes reflected and writed there.

The ride begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Miramar Cultural Center, and ends at the Plaça Ajuntament where the same mayor Miquel Forns, gives to them the magic key to take all the gifts to the good children during the next morning while they sleep.

In that same square, all the children give their letters, and you can enjor a warm meal with an amazing atmosphere with pure Christmas spirit.

The magic of winter and Christmas next to the Mediterranean Sea with Weekly Villas.

Almost everyone mistakenly thinks that, Sitges being a coastal city, it is only worth coming in Summer to enjoy the sun and the beach… but this statement could not be further  from the real truth… Sitges in Winter has a unique and special magic for this time of the year, with exclusive moments and activities, and beautiful and breath-taking landscapes.

There is no better way to spend these holidays than staying in one of our wonderful luxury Villas in Sitges, we have a variety for all tastes and needs, at the best season price. You can find all of them in the main WeeklyVillas page.

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