How to get from Barcelona to Sitges by public transport?

How to get from Barcelona to Sitges by public transport?

Icon 12 January, 2023
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How to get from Barcelona to Sitges by public transport?

If you want to make a getaway during your stay in Barcelona, here’s how to take a train from Barcelona to Sitges, or any other type of transport.

Sitges is a coastal town located very close to Barcelona. This means that when there are more tourists in the capital, in summer, visits to the town of Sitges also increase significantly. Being a coastal town, in summer tourists, and also many residents, take advantage of its beaches and terraces all day long.

This town is one of the most charming towns in Catalonia and being so close to the capital, its charm increases.

First of all, Sitges has its own train station which is only 10 minutes away from the nearest beach and is right in the centre, so it is very easy to get around once you have arrived in Sitges.

The train from Barcelona to Sitges is from Sants Station and is on the Rodalies Renfe R2S line. This journey takes about 30 minutes and is accompanied by beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

A single return ticket to Sitges from Barcelona costs around €7 and can be bought directly from the ticket offices or from the machines you’ll find at the station. As for the timetables, trains usually run every 20 minutes.

It is also possible to go from Barcelona to Sitges by bus, here’s how. The bus from Barcelona to Sitges leaves from Ronda Universidad and Plaza España and the journey takes about 45 minutes, a little longer than by train. The bus route passes through the airport, so this transport is perfect for those travelling directly to Sitges. You can check all the timetables on the Bus Garraf website. The ticket price is no more than €5, so it is cheaper than the train, but it takes a little longer.

Other options on how to get from Barcelona to Sitges are: either take a taxi from Barcelona city to Sitges, but it is the most expensive way, as it can cost around 70-80 € each way. The other option is to take a BlaBla Car. For those who don’t know about this type of transport, it consists of contacting people who are going to make the same journey as you and sharing a car and petrol. It can be booked through their mobile app.

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