Holiday apartments for rent in Spain

Holiday apartments for rent in Spain

Icon 29 December, 2022
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We never think about renting a flat on holidays, we always go to a hotel or a villa but, holiday apartments in Spain are one of the best options for holidays. But really, luxury flats in Barcelona per day have many advantages for travellers.


Holiday apartments in Spain are not as much in demand as, for example, a hotel or a rural house, so there is a lot of rental availability. That is why, if you want to rent accommodation for your holidays, choosing an apartment is one of the best options, you will have many accommodations to choose from.

Flexibility is something to take into account when booking a flat. Holiday apartments in Spain offer the possibility of renting by the day, which allows much more flexibility and ease of renting. These appartments can be rented for 1 night or for a few weeks, depending on the owner’s preferences.

When you rent a holiday apartment you have to take into account the direct contact with the owner. That he/she is pleasant, that he/she helps you to solve any doubt, even that he/she is as attentive as possible for any problem that may arise during your stay. This is the treatment you receive when renting a private property, and what better way than a luxury apartment in Barcelona to be all the family together.

Privacy is also important when you go on holiday. You want to enjoy time with family or friends and be as quiet as possible. By renting holiday apartments in Spain for a few days you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest with maximum peace of mind.

It is also very important to highlight that the main advantage of renting a flat for your holidays is the location. The luxury flats in Barcelona for days are located in the centre of the town/city, so you can reach everywhere without the need for any kind of transport. This is something essential and highly valued when people are looking for a place to stay on holiday.


Here we show you the Casa Mar Apartment, a flat located in the residential area of Aiguadolç, just behind the Port of Aiguadolç.

The building is very quiet and pleasant, has beautiful gardens and two large outdoor swimming pools, well maintained by a professional maintenance team.

The flat offers a luxurious and modern, yet cosy atmosphere to make you feel at home from the very first moment. It has a small terrace with unbeatable views of the Church of Sitges and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also just 1 minute from the beach and 5 minutes from the historic centre of Sitges. An excellent location.

At Weekly Villas we offer a number of luxury holiday villas and farmhouses as well as flats. Because we believe that the best way to enjoy a good holiday and company is with private accommodation.


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