Barcelona Christmas market

Barcelona Christmas market

Icon 9 November, 2016
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Let your foot be thrilled by the Barcelona Christmas Market.

At the end of November begins Barcelona Christmas Market. Large spaces converted into charming and luminous Christmas markets. Ideal for shopping in this endearing time of year. Perfect for acquire ornaments, pieces of decoration and original gifts.

During Christmas, Barcelona is magnified, embellished and ornamented with sparkling and winter lights. Its shops and commerces are enchanted and its streets are filled with strollers wrapped in light coats. The temperature never downs to icy numbers: it is rather fresh and vivifying.

At the end of November, Barcelona Christmas Market opens the firsts christmas market. The lucky ones who can feel the warm and cheerful atmosphere of this beautiful time of the year can’t miss the festive and bright character of their Christmas markets.

“Santa Lucía” Christmas market: Notorious and emblematic, this market displays its magnanimity and charm in “Plaza Nova”, in front of the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia. Strolling through its lively Christmas stalls has become a popular tradition among inhabitants of Barcelona, who come to this market for the most singular and surprising Christmas utensils: ornaments, cutlery, pieces of decoration, details, gifts, lights… From traditional character and popular offer, this Barcelona Christmas market welcomes meticulous artisans and folkloric workers.

Its alleys are divided into four different themes:

  • the area of the manger sets with their corresponding figurines.
  • the area of greenery and Christmas trees.
  • the handicraft area with clothing stands, jewelry and decoration stalls.
  • the musical area with traditional instruments such as the “simbomba” or the “pandereta”.

flowers of barcelona christmas market

Barcelona Christmas Market in Gaudí Avenue: With festive spirit and winter decoration, this market extends in front of the Gaudí temple, the Sagrada Familia. Plus its varied offer of Christmas products, the market celebrates recreational activities with different types of workshops and the collection of letters for the Three Kings. Artists, illustrators and handicrafts gather into “l’Eixample” neighborhood to satisfy the most lovely and tender wishes, that arise at this time of the year.

barcelona christmas market decoration

Christmas Fair in Gran Vía: Mandatory stop to get the most original toys and singular presents. Divided in two sections, near Plaza Cataluña are exposed the toys stands, and close to Plaza España are displayed handicraft stalls. The “churrerías” are indelible part of the landscape of this Christmas Market, that come to sweeten the walk of its visitors.

papa noel stall of barcelona christmas market

In Barcelona Christmas Market, the air is cool, the temperature is pleasant and the atmosphere is endearing. The inhabitants of Barcelona wander through their charming crafts stalls looking for presents and gifts details to their loved ones. They move up to them in search for ornaments and decor details to embellish their homes. Or they just let their footsteps lead them aimlessly through the spontaneous, smiling and innocent heart of Barcelona Christmas Market.

Traveling in december to Sitges, and renting a holiday villa in WeeklyVillas means spending Christmas in the sun, facing a calm sea, under a clear blue sky and the greatest of comforts. At only 30 minutes from the beautiful city, visit Barcelona Christmas Market and know their customs and Christmas traditions is an easy and comfortable activity, that we reccomend doing with children.

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