Sant Sebastian beach in Sitges

Sant Sebastian beach in Sitges

Icon 3 April, 2020
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Sant Sebastià Beach is a beautiful and quiet beach located very close to the center of Sitges, right next to the Church of Sitges, also called the Punta de Sitges.
This beach has lifeguard services, a poolside snack bar, showers and toilets and on the promenade you will find many restaurants and cafes where you can eat or have a drink.
A site that we particularly recommend to our guests staying in any of the villas of Weekly Villas.

We are very lucky that there is a little corner in the province of Barcelona that is a «little San Sebastián» but, to be honest, that «miniature» is really very faithful and is found in the town of Sitges, it has continuous winks to The capital of Gipuzkoa: some can be seen with the naked eye and others are a little more hidden …

Some of our villas located in Sitges allow you to reach this street on foot, the street of San Sebastián that leads to Playa de San Sebatián, one of the best urban beaches in the world according to the New York Times, a beach very similar to La Concha from San Sebastián and that also has that one.
This beach, also called Platja de Sant Sebastià, is 205m long and 20m wide and is the most familiar beach in Sitges, usually frequented by local people.

In the heart of the San Sebastián de Sitges beach promenade we can find a piece of the La Concha railing. And, this time, it is not a nod to San Sebastián, but a twinning between beaches. And it is that, in addition to the name, they share more characteristics: both are urban beaches, usually appear at the top of the lists of the best beaches in the world, are sandy, shallow and are very touristy.

This twinning was carried out at the request of the mayor of Sitges, and the piece of railing of La Concha de San Sebastián was inaugurated by the mayor of San Sebastián in September 2009. At the base of the piece of railing we can find a plaque that says “San Sebastián and Sitges, two film cities in love with the sea and culture ”.



Very close to where the La Concha railing shines, and in the middle of the promenade that surrounds the Platja de Sant Sebastià we find the Hotel San Sebastià Playa, another wink from San Sebastián, which has 51 rooms and privileged views.


On the ground floor of the hotel we can see a door presided over with a sailboat on a blue background. If we look closely we can see that it is very similar to the Donostia coat of arms, where the main element is a sailboat on a blue background.

If we continue turning around Sitges, reaching the old part we find a bar called El Donostiarra, another Guipuzcoan wink where we can see on its facade several shields of the Royal Society, the emblematic team of San Sebastián.

Inside we find the typical San Sebastian-style pintxo bar where you can taste a wide variety of food.

Do not hesitate to visit us, stay in one of our magnificent villas and enjoy the hidden treasures of Sitges.