Weather in Sitges in November


25,5ºC. Exquisite daytime temperature, cold nights and clear sky.

Weather in Sitges in November: The weather in Sitges in November is clear, sunny, really nice. The micro climate of this small coastal town allows you to enjoy of long meals in the open air, read a good novel under the warm rays of the sun, and tan slightly without risk to suffer burns.


Barcelona Shopping Night: Have you ever bought at midnight, savouring a glass of cava, a mini mojito or a sweet chocolate bonbon?

For one day, all the shops of Paseo de Gracia open their doors late into the night, and offer small snacks. Wander through this wonderful street, stunning and festooned, bright and shiny, low reverberation of Christmas lights and visit your favorite shops: the experience is worth living and remembered.

Weather in Sitges in November and the Autumn

Nice autumn in Sitges: Take advantage of these dates to visit the town with the best price offers,  the less tourist traffic and  a climate that is kept mild.

By its famous microclimate, the weather in Sitges in November still let you walk barefoot along the beach, enjoy culinary delights on the terraces and let tanning by the soft rays of autumn sun.