Weather in Sitges in December


17,1ºC. Cool temperature during the day, sunny days and cold nights.

Weather in Sitges in December: The weather in Sitges in December is dazzling. With clear skies, clean and pure air, a soft and gentle sun, and a cool and pleasant temperature, the weather in Sitges in December dazzles you with its sunsets. Authentic wonders that color the sky with oranges, pinks, purples and yellows. A multicolored kaleidoscope that covers a silver sea, silent and calm, serene and temperate.


Christmas at sea: Celebrate Christmas with your loved ones in a different christmas environment where the sun, good weather and nice temperature turn this evening of carols and nougat in a special christmas night near the sea.

Endless meals, fun games, sleepless nights, family dances, happy tears, children’s songs, and a nice place to spend Christmas with a pleasent climate.

Weather in Sitges in December and Montjuic Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic: With the arrival of Christmas, Montjuic celebrates the winter season with an unprecedented and surprising show trough the dance of water sources to the beat of emblematic soundtracks and colorful lights.